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Being a mom is hard - it's also beautiful and wild and big. And we love it. But we don't love that, as moms, we've had to accept the struggle for what it is. We think your needs, your questions, your concerns are valid. They're real. That's why we've created a modern-day village to be your resource. Full of credible answers, professional wisdom, and nonjudgemental care. The struggle is real, but finding support shouldn't be.

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Laura Elliott

Laura is a marketing professional, consumer advocate, and mom to two boys. She has always been passionate about health and wellness and prioritized that not only in her personal life, but also throughout her career.  From her work in the technology space, and with health and wellness products, she believes that when you can bridge the two, you can bring truly amazing products and services to consumers that make a positive impact.

After having her son she realized that there was a major issue in our support system for modern moms today, and couldn't believe there wasn't a better solution using technology to bring moms the support they so need and want. Being a mom is hard. The struggle is real and in today's world there is no reason it should feel that way. That's why Kula was born.


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