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Insights from a Labor & Delivery Nurse - What to Expect for Delivery

A labor and delivery nurse cares for mothers during labor and birth and provides the infant's initial postpartum care. Your nurse will provide education, reassurance, advocacy and guidance in handling a precious new family member and entirely new experience.

Upon your arrival to labor and delivery you will be greeted by a nurse. You may arrive in active labor and your nurse will immediately start coaching you and helping you. You may be arriving for a scheduled induction or cesarean delivery, your nurse will answer your questions, listen and help to prepare you. Others may be sent over from clinic with concerns of a complication, your nurse will console you and help to calm you. No matter what the situation may be your nurse is there for you.

What about a birth plan?

Many of you will have a birth plan. A birth plan is defined as a plan written by a pregnant woman that sets out in advance her preferences for labor, such as choice of birth setting and methods of pain relief. Birth plans vary, but labor and delivery nurses all have the same birth plan – healthy mom, healthy baby. A birth plan is not necessary, but should you choose to write out a birth plan please remember… Your nurse is your advocate and biggest supporter and will do their best to help you achieve your goals and respect your plan as long as those choices support their birth plan – healthy mom, healthy baby.

The labor and delivery nurse relationship

Trust yourself and your nurse. Trust is the most important part of your labor and delivery experience. Labor and delivery nurses are specialty nurses that do what they do because they love it. Your nurse is your teacher, your advocate and your supporter. Trust that your nurse wants what is best for you and your baby. Talk to your nurse…ask questions, tell them how you are feeling. I cannot stress enough how important this relationship is. Someone in the room bugging you? Tell your nurse, they will happily take care of it and take all the blame. If you trust your nurse you will know that no matter what is happening your nurse is doing whatever it takes to ensure a healthy mom and healthy baby. Your nurse is there with you every step of the way.

Every birth and experience is unique. It may go just as you hoped, and it may not. No matter how you deliver you are welcoming a new life into the world and it is a moment you will remember forever. Make it a happy memory, focus on the special moments and no matter what happens…it is the birth of your baby and it is beautiful.


Nicole Noar is a mother of 2 boys and a devoted wife. Nicole is a labor and delivery nurse certified in inpatient obstetrics and a lactation consultant with over 13 years of experience in her field. After the birth of her first son Nicole designed a car seat cover and nursing cover with a pocket on the front for a custom removable medical grade filter made from medical mask material for her son to keep him protected. She has since patented the design and started a company. The Snuggle Shield™ LUXE Protection™ Air Filtering Infant Cover is a one of a kind product designed to protect her own babies and she is so excited to share it.

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