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Inspiring Moms Who Are Doing Amazing Things: Mother's Day Edition

They say when a child is born, a mother is also born. In fact, the psychiatrist Daniel Stern explained that becoming a mother is an identity shift, and it’s one of the most significant physical and psychological changes a woman will ever experience. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that we see so many amazing women blossom into strong, inspiring, badass females after becoming mothers.

We are constantly meeting and discovering so many mothers who are doing amazing things. From creating their own companies to building their own brands, starting important conversations, breaking stigmas, and propelling themselves onto a path of passion. So this year for Mother’s Day, we want to recognize and support some of these amazing women and share them with you!

Allison Robinson

Allison Robinson is on a mission to build a better workplace for moms. She is a mom of 3 and the CEO and founder of The Mom Project, which focuses on getting moms back into the workforce after maternity leave. Allison believes that too many talented women are lost in the workforce because they can't find the right balance between their career goals and desire to build a family. The Mom Project helps women search for career opportunities on their platform from vetted, family-friendly employers. And they get access to job search tools, career development resources, and a thriving community of moms and allies. Today, The Mom Project currently has more than 500,000 women seeking employment through their platform and the company is expected to reach $60 million this year. It raised an $80 million Series C round in the fall of 2021 for a private valuation of $330 million! The company also has powerhouse - Serena Williams as a strategic adviser. Needless to say, Allison is a mom who is truly creating and shaking up the workplace for moms.

Sarah Nicole Landry

Sarah Nicole Landry is better known as @TheBirdsPapaya on Instagram. She is an amazing mama who created a whole career out of being open and honest about her life. She empowers women to gain body confidence and self-acceptance. She also speaks candidly and openly, giving honest, real, and raw conversations to her community of over 2 million followers. She is a divorced and remarried mom of 4 (newborns - teens) and a body confidence activist, speaker, writer, 4x cover girl, and weekly podcast host of The Papaya Podcast.

Sarah’s website:

Daphne Delvaux

Have you noticed how no one has ever taught you about your rights at work? Daphne is an award-winning senior trial attorney providing legal education for parents. As a mom of two herself, she is familiar with the challenges many women face in the workplace. Daphne is on a mission to educate every woman in California on her rights at work. You can find her on Instagram at @themamattorney sharing content that creates awareness and helps educate moms on important topics, including pregnancy and maternity discrimination, equal pay, gender discrimination, and harassment. Although Daphne is focused on CA laws, we admire this powerhouse and how she is sharing her knowledge to help educate moms about their rights, so they can feel empowered and confident standing up for themselves.

Daphne’s website:

Elyse Myers

A TikTok sensation, Elyse Myers brings complete authenticity to funny everyday stories. Elyse is a mom and wife and has a way of being super relatable and honest where people can’t help but to fall in love with her content, to the point that she has literally created a community made up of millions and millions of people. Elyse shared, “I started making videos because I needed a little bit of an outlet that wasn't work. It wasn't my husband, it wasn't my son, just something that was separate, my own thing that I could do and create. I chose it as a creative outlet and started telling my stories….I want to continue to share the ordinariness of my life, and to continue just showing people that there are very extraordinary things that happen in ordinary moments.”

Elyse on TikTok @elysemyers

Elyse on Instagram @elyse_myers

Tovah Haim

Founder of Bodily, a collection of postpartum care products, as well as a website focused on sharing evidence-based information around post-birth recovery and breastfeeding. Tovah Haim began her career in tech and finance but followed her passion to start her own company on a mission to bring moms better support for postpartum healing. Tovah was completely unprepared for how intense the recovery from birth would be when her first child was born in 2017. Astounded at the lack of credible information available to explain what was happening, and shocked by the substandard product available to get through all of it, she decided to create Bodily.

Kelly Stumpe

More commonly known as The Car Mom on Instagram and YouTube. Kelly is transforming car shopping for parents because, let’s face it, when looking for a car as a parent, your needs are completely different. The Car Mom is dedicated to empowering moms and families to make the most informed and confident decisions when car shopping. She is breaking the car sale stigma by creating a positive car buying experience for both the female consumer and the dealership by dismantling outdated stereotypes between the two and changing the narrative of a traditionally male-dominated industry. Kelly is a mom of two, car salesperson, Child Safety Passenger Technician (CPST), and of course, The Car Mom. With over 1 million views since the launch of her YouTube channel in November 2020. If you are looking for a new car, trust us you do not want to miss her reviews covering everything you would want to know as a mom.

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