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The What and the Why (and When & How) of Fertility Yoga

As a fertility yoga expert, many people I encounter are surprised to learn that there is a practice as specific as fertility yoga available to them. And once they do, I often get asked this question:

But what's the difference between Regular Yoga and Fertility Yoga, and why would someone need to practice it?

Well, just as there are specialized doctors, modalities, and medicines for specific issues, so too is true for yoga.

I think it's safe to say that most people have at least heard of yoga, if not tried it a time or two! Yoga and its potent health benefits have been passed down for approximately 5000 years, to be precise. And we now have a lot of research to back this up.

The practice of yoga increases blood flow, releases endorphins, and allows you to shift your attention (plus so much more), all of which improve overall wellbeing.

But first, let me answer the what of “fertility yoga”

I will clarify that the “fertility yoga” I teach is not just yoga. It is a comprehensive methodology that incorporates an array of mind-body practices. At its foundational core is yoga, specific to fertility. However, the method also includes breathwork, meditation & mindfulness, acupressure, Ayurveda (sister science to yoga), and functional nutrition. It also addresses the emotional components present when trying to conceive (TTC).

This whole-body approach optimizes your reproductive health and overall wellbeing. It’s a proven system that includes cycle-specific practices and sequences that honor where you are in your process – whether you’re trying with or without fertility treatments (Assisted Reproductive Technologies aka “ART”). In addition, I strive to educate participants in understanding the contraindications and why so they feel empowered and more in control.

Specific to the physical movements are dynamic postures that incorporate circular and spiral motions that stir the energy of the 2nd or sacral chakra, which is the energetic center in the body that houses your reproductive organs and governs your creativity. When you elicit considerable circulation and blood flow to the organs and spine, it invites new blood to circulate, removing stagnation and increasing chi (energy) to the reproductive organs (and other parts of your body).

The Why of Fertility Yoga

Quite simply put, the practice of fertility yoga is an opportunity. It creates space for tapping into the divine feminine elements, which help you be in a place of receptivity. Receptivity is a state of mind and consciousness and is also necessary on a physical level when TTC.

Being receptive also assists in restoring balance. It isn't just about being open; it's about being focused and aware in the moment, which mirrors many mind-body practices. For example, yoga is a Practice of Awareness.

This idea also signifies the concept of Being vs. Doing, which is the bedrock of my fertility yoga work!

Ancient Practices in a Modern World

Trying to conceive is accompanied by many unknowns. The majority of individuals who have been TTC for any time will describe it as a “rollercoaster.” And with it, the journey usually includes at least some amount of stress.

Stress is present in everyone’s life to a certain extent. And this is where ancient mind-body practices such as fertility yoga can distinguish between despair/suffering and the ability to cope.

This method of Fertility Yoga mitigates stress – what’s called the "stress response." When this stress response or “fight-or-flight” is triggered, the body releases adrenaline and cortisol.

These stress hormones create specific physical responses such as increased heart rate, rapid breathing, etc. When stress hormones become elevated, this ultimately takes blood flow away from digestion, reproduction, and anything else non-essential in that moment. Unfortunately, the elevation of stress hormones on the fertility journey often becomes chronic.

When to Engage in Fertility Yoga

Did you know the maturation of follicles and sperm takes about 90-100 days? So, what you’re eating, drinking, smoking, and how you’re managing stress right now, will impact the sperm and eggs that are coming out about three months from now. But, sadly, this fact is gravely under-looked.

Even if you are unsure if or when you want to have kids, the earlier you begin to learn about your body and cycle and take charge, the better! Healthy lifestyle choices and practices help you be a happier and healthier human no matter your circumstances.

For those who are even thinking about trying to conceive within the next year, I recommend you start as soon as possible with mind-body practices specific to fertility (yoga, meditation, breathwork, etc.), acupuncture, and acupressure for fertility. In addition, working with a specialized nutritionist for fertility is also a vital resource. These factors all work together to help support your body’s functioning towards a better outcome.

The life tools cultivated through mind-body practices like yoga for fertility are safe and valuable while trying to get pregnant and the duration of your pregnancy! And guess what? Implementing these practices is still relevant once you’re a parent (if not more so!) and throughout the longevity of your life.

How to Start Fertility Yoga

Soulful Conceptions™ is a carefully designed comprehensive mind-body methodology for fertility and wellness. These are tangible and easy-to-integrate daily self-care and mind-body practices (+ community support!) that help you bolster your immune system, feel calm, and more in control of your fertility/overall wellbeing.

The robust library of resources includes over 30+ hours of Soulful Concepts of Wellbeing through video, audio, and written materials in the following areas: ✓ yoga asana (poses) ✓ meditation and mindfulness practices ✓ pranayama (breath work) ✓ emotional well-being/psychology ✓ self-acupressure using the Fertility Ball Method® ✓ Ayurveda + Functional Nutrition

✓ fertility coaching ✓ Plus other gems of wisdom! The combination of this work is organized in one of two ways:

Membership Immersion is a home-study subscription-based membership that gives you access to almost everything we provide, where you can experience it at your own pace. In addition, you can drop into our weekly live streaming support groups for an extra nominal fee.

Be More, Do Less™ is a one-of-a-kind 12-week fertility and early pregnancy coaching program. You get access to everything we teach (including the Fertility Ball Method® and all Ayurveda & Functional Nutrition content) and our weekly live support groups (all included at one price).

You can receive two free practice videos instantly by visiting here.

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Drawing from Eastern and Western yoga/wellness teachings, Wendy Obstler is a Yoga Therapist & Founder of Divine Spark Yoga and Living Lēla, LLC. She has co-created Soulful Conceptions™ with her business partner, Dr. Deborah Anderson (Health & Neuropsychologist/ Yoga Teacher). Both Deborah and Wendy have each experienced fertility & pregnancy challenges. As a result, they know the power of having a mind-body toolkit and community support to navigate the journey of conception with more ease.

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