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about kula support for moms


Who Is Kula?

Kula - noun:  village, community, clan, tribe.  

Kula was born out of a simple idea: finding support in motherhood shouldn't be so difficult.  We connect moms to a network of motherhood experts every month so they can get the support they need and want throughout their motherhood journey.  We are transforming the way modern moms receives support and we're creating the modern village that is missing today.

The Problem

There's a major gap in women's health today

Moms today are burned out and lack support.  92% of moms today feel society doesn't do a good job of supporting motherhood and 68% of moms say they need more support.

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Moms deserve to invest in themselves 

Oftentimes, we prioritize ourselves last and moms deserve to invest in themselves in ways that bring them joy.  Whether it's investing in a beauty consultant, fitness instructor, pelvic floor therapist home designer, or career coach,  being able to connect with experts should be effortless.   

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Access to real, credible support should be easy.

We connect moms with our exclusive team of motherhood experts, so no matter where you're at in your journey raising your little one, the support you need, when you need it, is available at your fingertips.

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Why Kula?

Being a mom is hard - it's also beautiful and wild and big. And we love it. But we don't love that, as moms, we've had to accept the struggle for what it is. We think your needs, your questions, your concerns are valid. They're real. That's why we've created a modern-day village to be your resource. Full of credible answers, professional wisdom, and nonjudgemental care. The struggle is real, but finding support shouldn't be.

WHAT WE               MOST


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Hello, nice to meet you!  Let us tell you a bit more why we are here

The reality is that becoming a mom is an incredible experience, while also being incredibly hard.  We believe that all moms, everywhere, should feel like they have a village behind them.  Unfortunately, in today's world this is often missing.  At Kula, we are on a mission transform motherhood support by making it simple, credible, and accessible. For us, it's about making it easy for moms to connect with all the amazing motherhood experts out there (that they may not even know about), so they can really find the support they want and actually thrive.  We know that moms consistently put everyone else’s needs first, and it's time for that to change.  It's time to create a modern village that actually works for moms today.

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Credible, expert-led support

expert panel


We Share

Credible Motherhood Experts

Social media is full of information and unfortunately not all of it is credible. That's why we search for and verify credible experts on social for you to discover.  How do we verify them?  Well, one, we make sure they have credentials and that are actual experts in the field and not just bloggers or influencers sharing their own opinions.  Two, we make sure they have experience.  How long have they been doing this and do they have testimonials?  Are they current?

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Chelsea Swopes

Pediatric Speech - Language Pathologist

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Speech Expert

Kula expert Erica Djossa Therapist, Founder of Momwell

Erica Djossa

Therapist, Founder of Momwell

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Maternal Mental Health Thereapy

Kula expert Dr. Tracy Dalgleish Clinical Psychologist couples therapist motherhood support

Dr. Tracy Dalgleish

Clinical Psychologist

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Couples Therapist

with credible motherhood experts

We Collaborate

Bringing moms the best support is the most important thing we do and that starts with who we partner with.  Whether its bringing moms a new podcast episode, blog, or expert-led social media post, we collaborate with the professionals because the information you are given should be from only evidence-based, credible experts.

unnamed (1).jpg

Allie Liberman


Unnati (1).jpg

Unnati Patel

Sleep Expert


Kellie Green

Lactation Expert

IMG_2449-2 (1).jpg

Taylor Arnold

Behavioral Dietician

DSC_0369 (3).jpg

Jennifer Adell

Skin Care


Emilia Anello

Child Behavior

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