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Why We Founded Kula: Every mother should feel supported

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Kula was born out of a simple idea: finding support in motherhood shouldn't be so difficult.

The truth is that becoming a mom is an incredibly difficult life transition. For a very long time, the struggles that new moms experienced just weren't talked about much. It was, and still is, seen as a change in a woman's life that should come naturally and be filled with joy and precious moments.

The reality is that becoming a mom is an incredible experience, while also being incredibly hard. It is full of joy and happiness, but also includes a lot of sadness, loneliness, and struggle. It comes naturally to some, but does not come naturally to everyone. Thankfully more and more people are beginning to talk about the realities of motherhood in today’s world, and women are becoming more aware that motherhood is not only a life-changing event full of love and happiness, but also one that can be hard…and that’s okay.

Creating awareness about the realities of motherhood today is a good first step, but mothers today are overwhelmed, burned out and struggling to find the support they need. In fact, recent surveys show that 68% of moms today say they need more support, and up to 80% of women experience some form of emotional distress in the years after having a baby. Those numbers are massive! It is no question that the mental and emotional health of moms is an issue that has gone on for way too long without the proper attention. In fact, research shows that support is essential for postpartum well-being and helping these women. This is a huge gap, and with today's technology, resources, and expertise, there is no reason that it should be like this.

We created Kula because we believe that all moms, everywhere, should feel like they have a village behind them. At Kula, we are on a mission to provide the support that new moms need to thrive. For us, it's about taking care of moms before they have to reach their lows. It's about creating accessibility that is so simple and easy that seeking support becomes simple. Because self-care is necessary, and no mom should have a hard time rationalizing the investment. We know that moms consistently put everyone else’s needs first, and it's time for that to change for the better.

We want to be there for mothers through it all - during their highs and lows, for all of their questions, when they feel like they're lost, and even when they feel like they are conquering the world. Motherhood is not static - it ebbs and flows, and the idea that we should only seek help when things have already crashed down is not what moms deserve. This is why we created a space where moms can build support into their daily routine. It is our dream that every mom feels empowered throughout her motherhood journey. We want her to excel in her career and dedicate time to coaching herself to grow professionally without feeling guilty for not spending more time with her babies. We want her to feel sexy and confident after meeting with a beauty consultant about how to tame that postpartum hair and skin. We want her to love the home she built for her family after meeting with our home designer. We want her to feel full with herself and who she is as a mother after meeting with our counselor. We want her to feel confident as a mother and the decisions she is making when trying to teach her child to share and be kind. We want her to feel nourished and healthy after talking to someone about her nutrition routine. And we want her to feel love and respect in her relationship after meeting with our marriage counselor. But most of all, we want her to feel like she deserves all of this and so much more.

Kula is a moms modern day village. We have a lot of work ahead, but we will get there. And that is why we founded Kula.

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